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Makeup Tips for Daily Use

Makeup Tips for Daily Use

If you are a woman, it is no surprise that you would own a makeup case. If not, at least a lipstick and an eyeliner to keep your eyes and lips pretty. Women love to look beautiful and that is exactly what makeup helps them to achieve. While some go on regular salon visits to receive advice on this area, some simply follow their own methods. However, this piece of writing will enlighten you with some useful tips on how to use the makeup that you already own in the most productive ways that you have never believed you could use them.


There is always that misconception that foundation is used to mask you. But truly, it isn’t. It is a multipurpose product of makeup that enables you to enhance your skin complexion, cover up your blemishes and even stay fresh throughout the day. You could use it either with your hand or a brush. However, the most advisable method is to use the brush in order to ensure an even spread of the product all over the face.


Once you are done with the application of foundation, you can move on to apply concealer. Although some may not believe that it is of benefit, it enables to cover up the dark circles under your eyes, giving your face a livelier look. After concealer, you are good to move on to powder. Make sure that you do not apply it too much but use it in a way that the natural look remains. Use a brush while applying.


Eye makeup involves several different products. You can start with your primer which ensures that your eye makeup lasts for a longer period without creases. Then you can move on to the application of eye shadow. Something to keep in mind is not to always try to suit it to your outfit, but to make sure that it suits your skin type, especially nude colours. Then you can move on to eyeliner and mascara to give a finish to your eye makeup. Best option is to use an eyeliner pencil for the waterline and a liquid one for the eyelid.


Lipstick colour has to be chosen carefully. You must do sufficient research and pick a colour that best suits your skin type, if not it will not have the effect of enhancing your outlook. However, it is not just the colour but also the lip shape. Thin lips and fat lips require different colours. Therefore, chose what is best for you.

Once you have completed your makeup session, you can look like a princess and walk like a queen in confidence!

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